The Openning Post of the Altarchy Server Blog

I have been building out some cool features for this server via the use of the website. The first was the website itself, then the ability to upload your player skin of choice and a PGP key to help in verifying your player identity when recovering your password via E-Mail. Now, I am starting this little blog for the server.

I will be posting occassional updates to the server on this blog. If I update versions, or make a major change such as adding/removing a mod, this blog is where such updates will appear.

I will also post a few articles about certain processes that may be helpful to you if you, for example, lose your password and need to reset it or if you want to upload your preferred skin to the server to be automatically applied to your in-game player.

There will be an RSS feed associated with this blog as well that you may use with your favorite RSS feed reader.

Stay tuned!