Update on locked chests and the server in general


I am very sorry that it has been such a long time. Yes I do still exist, just in the shadows. I have been upgrading the packages on the server-side of things though I do still need to pull and compile a newer version of Minetest.

The locked chest is no more

I have not, as of yet, had the time to devote to the various tasks that need to be accomplished to make this server better, however, a couple kind volunteers have stepped up and contributed things here and there. As a result, the locked chest issue has been resolved by someone going by the name "ServerDev256" who sent me an E-Mail with a simple mod that replaces the locked chests with the unlocked variant (Thank you ServerDev256!!!). I gave the mod a quick look through and tested it on a private world. It appears to have worked like a charm.

The mod has been installed on the server and will be applied at 9:00 PM CDT when the server auto-restarts. This means that everyone will have to be a bit more cautious as to where they put their items. Please prepare!

In other news

It would appear that a few days ago there was a problem at the data center that I host my server on and the entire network was down. This, of course, means that everyone (including myself!) was unable to connect to the server. The issue has since been resolved.

I will keep trying to find time to work on this server. If anyone has any mods they would like to see installed or features added, please let me know. My E-Mail address is listed on the home page.


The Altruistic Hacker