Server was down for maintenance

I upgraded the server to Ubuntu 22.04 today and realized that I would need to make some changes. First of all, the version of PHP was upgraded to 8.1 and that means that I had to adjust how I call the Minetest authentication code from the website. I originally tore the SRP auth code out from the Minetest engine, however, I with the update to PHP 8.1, it was necessary to take a different approach.

I had to rewrite a bit of the code I had written to turn the Minetest authentication code into a PHP module. I was intending to do this anyways because if I ever wish to release my code publicly, I can't combine it with code licensed under the php license since Minetest is licensed under the LGPL. What I have done instead is to pipe the username, password, and the SRP verifier from the database into the program and let it generate a 1 or 0 depending on whether or not a verifier generated with the same salt, username, and password matches the one from the database. This way I don't have to mix LGPL and PHP licensed code.

Another thing I had to do was to migrate the current world, player, and auth databases from PostgreSQL 12 to PostgreSQL 14. This took a while. Needless to say, I had the server offline while this bit was taking place. Once the migration completed and it didn't appear that any data was corrupted, I started up Altarchy again.

An aside

I often wonder why I keep this server up and running in its current state since not many people play on it. I am still not sure as to whether or not I will keep it up in its current state or replace it with a survival server that has actual rules. I never cared for the idea of hosting an anarchy server, but since I often don't have time to moderate a server, I figured it was the best option. I am not so sure about that anymore.

If more people start playing on the server, then I will be more inclined to keep the server up in its current state, however, even then, I will probably start a normal survival server that is meant more for the casual player and leave Altarchy up alongside it.

Thanks to all who have continued to play on this server and I am sorry about some of the recent down-time as there were a few DDoS attacks that occurred as well.

TheAltruisticHacker -- a GNU/Linux User